Sunday, July 19, 2015

I'm back & ready to write!

Hi Everyone!  I'm back and ready to write.  Last week was an adventure.  I forgot I'm not in my 30s anymore-lol!  I had a great time but needed yesterday to recover my wits and rest.  We had prepacked our kids camp trunks the week before, that way it was just clothing that was needed to be added.  Last week I was able to keep up on washing and drying laundry - folding is where I fall down on the job everytime. That meant I needed to fold everything before packing could commence.
The final pack up was completed later than I had hoped for so everyone was in bed later than desired.

But they (kids & hubby) got out of the house on time and quiet took over the home.  I finished my coffee and dozed off and on until noon on the sofa - hey those things are bound to happen right?

The rest of the day was spent puttering around here, tidying up, adding things to my Get-It-Done list.

Today I tackle that list and start making progress

Since it's just me - cooking will be easy (ie non-existent). I'm happy with sandwiches and cereal or yogurt all week. Should save lots of electricity ;-)

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