Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Inexpensive fix

Our patio fireplace!  It's some sort of metal, my mom's neighbor was moving a few years ago and gave it to mom for me.  It was in great shape - not sure there was ever a fire in it then.  We've used if some over the years and I noticed that it was getting some fine rust in the finish.  The original was a dull silvery finish.  A quick trip to the hardware store in the next town and I was in business.  I talked to the men there (none under 60) they reccomended this product.  Good for wood stoves and grills!  
Yesterday I wire brushed it off, today I used one of the 2 cans I bought and when it's totally dry I will light a fire to heat cure it.  I'm seeing the overspray on the concrete...whoops....hopefully a little steel wool later will fix that.  We were out of newspaper to lay down and I was in a rush to get it painted while it's not hot and humid.

After I hit it there was a bit left in the can so I touched up our 17 year old grill too.this time I was smarter and grabbed some painter tape and papers from the recycle bin

Top is before...bottom is after with the shiney part still wet


  1. love those knids of quick fixes: quick to do, fairly inexpensive, extends the life/lives of possessions. WTG!

    1. And thanks to Ms Sandie - there is photographic evidence :-)

  2. It looks great! And I love that you were able to use up the can on the grill too!

  3. GREAT PHOTOS! Glad I could help. :)