Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Intervention Needed!

I'm embarrassed to admit it.  I think I need a laundry detergent intervention. Or a detergent 12 Step program.  I had no idea the stockpile got so big.
I counted up all the jugs of laundry detergent I have (in the drawers under the washer & dryer). I have a problem.  According to the load counts on the bottles I have enough detergent in the laundry room to wash 363 loads of laundry - before running out.

I feel like Sluggy and her Cheese.

Keep in mind - all detergent is bought on Super Sale/loss leaders and sometimes with a coupon on top of that.
There are Fab, Dynamo, Ajax - all bought for around $2 jug. All from ShopRite
There are Method Ultra Concentrate from Home Depot on a Super Duper Clearance for $3.33 each
There is All which was 2/$5 at ShopRite with a stacked coupon
Then there is the new jug of Persil Power Pearls which wasn't on sale but had a $1 off coupon attached.

The fab, dynamo & Ajax are fine for normal soils or whites when I toss in bleach too.
The all is great for the pet bedding (it's fragrance free/sensitive formula)
The Method is my personal favorite - cleans really well and it's pump top means I don't over pour.  I will be measuring out and reusing that container when it's all gone - that will include re-labeling so the teens can use it and not waste any of the 363 loads of detergent {now it's a challenge for me to get the published number from each jug}.

I will reserve comment on the Persil until the load of colors I'm washing in warm is done and next week I will wash a load of my clothes in cold with it before the full review is written up.  Y'all just have to come back for the write up from my unofficial lab, err laundry room.

After having my washer for 4+ years I have decided that powdered detergent is what is needed for the timer loads - the ones that I set on timer to run at 3 or 4 am so I can save on electricity.  The book suggested it but I never saw that fine print until last week.  The liquids would run all over the clothes and into the drum before the wash cycle - clothes were clean enough but I'm hoping this method will be better.  I have 2 bags of the dry pods in the over all count to test that theory with, plus the Persil jug.


  1. And just what is so bad about being stockpiled with detergent? LOLZ

    Gotta love a woman who works a plan and gets a deal.....
    I won't even begin to weigh in on how many loads I could do with my detergent stash. I doubt if I can count that high anymore.

    Getting 363 loads outta that 363 loads worth sounds like a good challenge to me. 8-)

  2. second the appause on the detergent stash. it won't go bad and you paid awesome prices for it! I have about 3-4 month's worth on hand, learning years ago to grab a deal, even if not immediately needed.