Sunday, July 26, 2015

Making my lists

Such a surprise?  No, not to those who know I love my lists.

Tonight I worked on my first pass at the Back To School list - it's in 2 columns, school supplies and clothing items.  Luckily the uniforms have been bought for the kids.  They came in last week - so tomorrow the kids will try on the components and look over what's needed like undergarments, socks, shoes & sneakers.
School supplies will be bought before school starts and  receipts will be saved (in case teachers want something different used - in case I need to return them)
Clothing needs will wait until CT Tax Free Week - the state gets plenty of my $ in tax revenue - they can suck it up for a week.  In the meantime the list grows.

There are 2 text and 2 workbooks for classes that I will need to order from the book company that will happen in the morning.  Then there is the music for the oldest's Music competition auditions.

It's amazing how it all adds up so quickly.

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