Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New food love

I have found a new food love.
After years of eating plain fat free greek yogurt and occasionally a carton of low fat I've been pretty happy.  I toss on some fresh or frozen fruits sometimes a drizzle of honey or sprinkle of stevia if I have any.
The other day when I was picking up milk, bread and a few things we were low on/out of I grabbed a quart of whole milk plain greek yogurt.  OMGoodness! It was awesome!!  So creamy & lush on my blueberries.  I usually eat a cup of yogurt and a half cup of berries - with the fat free version I feel satisfied.  Today I did that with the whole milk variety and I am stuffed!  I'm going to see how long I feel satisfied as I go about my day.  I could be making a switch.  Since I only eat it for 1 meal a day and We are a 1% wet milk house I'm not worried about getting fat from the whole milk fat version - especially if I'm not hungry enuf to snack between meals.

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