Sunday, July 26, 2015

Weekend wrapup

Busy weekend!  Worked on cleaning the house a bit more while everyone was on the way home.
All the summer camp laundry is washed, dried and folded!
And I was able to hit Joann's for tan thread - I actually ran out - how weird.
Afterwards I hit ShopRite and stuck to my list - yay!
Groceries are all put away too.  It feels great to be a little on top of things.  Especially with this week coming up.  I have to get these 3 ready for  another week long trip.  Which will include a trip to the store or two.

I did take a few minutes on the way to the grocery store and stop at goodwill fir a quick poke around - I remember why I get annoyed at the one I stopped at.  Some shoppers are so rude, I mean say excuse me if you want to walk past and need some space - I'm kinda weird about my personal space like that no need to push thru.  It was busy and I was kinda bummed I didn't find anything.  Feeling like I need to take a ride to Savers for a good poke around soon.

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