Friday, July 10, 2015

Whine update

Thank you all for commenting on my Whiney post.  So good to see I'm not the only one who deals with this kind of home.
Here's the update
Piles of paperwork - I fished out anything pertaining to me and left the rest there!  I dealt with my stuff - very passive aggressive but felt better knowing they are 100% not my crap
Sofa pillows & Socks - picked up; don't want to break my vacume cleaner
Laundry baskets - told the kids that today is laundry lesson day.  (I have detergent pods for them). This should be interesting.....

Lucky for me the cable guy came early, and called first to see if that was ok!  They fixed the modem problem - their hardware so no cost to me YAY!

Then I had the oldest help me clean the gutters - nasty job but hubby has been too busy lately and the rain on Wednesday alerted me they needed it desperately.  Poor hubby called at 430 to see if I had a plan for dinner and I told him "pizza or out - gutters are done I'm not cooking ". We went out -YAY!

As for the counter/breakfast bar - looks the same.  That's a project for later today


  1. Have you considered putting those rain gutter guards over your gutters? They might save you some work not having to clean them out....
    Any day I get taken out for dinner and don't have to cook is a GOOD day! lol

  2. When we reroof the house we will have new gutter helmet gutters installed. That's a gig job since the roof will have to be completely stripped off (2layers are there now & that's the max allied in our area)