Thursday, August 20, 2015

Allergies already & Fair Season

Man o man, I fear they are back - and early this year!  Very bad news for me since it's agricultural fair season.  I help out at a old one Labor Day weekend too.  I better get myself sorted with meds.

I love the fair!  I only attend the one in my town for 1 day, but help my Inlaws at their fair - those are long dry days but during that time I don't really cook - at all.  I do some baking so we have easy breakfasts and snacks, I prep up some easy to take salads things for hubby and I - since we just shouldn't eat fair food for 4 days straight.

I will stop by my favorite fritter vendor and get my clam fritters one night, I will get my pad Thai from the Thai vendor out of the new haven area, I will consume several beers (at least 1 daily) and I never leave without my strawberry sundae.

Mi love wandering around the goat and sheep barn, catching up with old timers wives and checking out the garden and cooked goods contests.  When my kids were little they would enter veggies they grew and items they baked, and enter collections they amassed during the year between fairs - several ribbons adorn their bulletin boards.  I've even won some runner up ribbons for my lemon blueberry pound cake - maybe I should look over the book and try this year.

Canned products are something I've never entered - maybe that's the "New Thing" I learn this year and enter next fall.

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