Saturday, August 29, 2015

Back to boring....meal planning day

Freezer is defrosting & I will be resorting as I refill it with everything stuffed into the spare fridge and coolers.
This is part 1 of my meal planning for the week.  I had these grand ideas to create freezer crockpot meals - you know thaw and dump in the CP meals...all prep done on 1 day.  Well, best laid plans and all - I figured I better come to my senses and be sure there is adequate space to store these meals after they are lovingly prepped etc.

Here is a sampling of what was culled to the trash
from the deep freeze:
3 breakfast burritos (disliked by kids and hubby 1 year past date)
1 steak - terribly freezer burned and purchased last summer
From the spare fridge
4 tubes of canned biscuits expired may 2015...not worth the risk
1 pack of roll & use pie crusts may 2015 (off color in the wrappers) not worth the risk

Taken out to thaw and use this week -
1 oven stuffer roaster - for the crockpot with rotisserie style seasonings


  1. I think you were tight in chucking the expired stuff - just not worth the risk! Especially from May!
    Even though we don't have to defrost our freezer, you have possibly inspired me to take everything out and give it a good washdown/inventory anyway!

  2. I have an inventory list near my chest freezer and mark stuff off/on as it's added or used. My kitchen freezer is mainly for prepared items and bits and pieces for me to use in crockpot meals. Garage freezer is for overflow or items that will go with DD when she visits.