Saturday, August 8, 2015

Back to school supplies Part 1-notebooks

ShopRite had them on sale!

Mead 5Star 5subject w/plastic front covers were 4.99/ea with a limit of 4 and 3subjects were 3.99 limit 4). This is the preferred brand & size for the kids and best price I've seen so fat.  So I bought 4 of each, then got a $4 coupon at checkout girls a future purchase.  Put those 8 notebooks in the trunk and went back for 4 more 5 subjects and some milk - used that $4 coupon and got another one at check out - Yay!  Kept the receipts just in case the are somewhere cheaper before school starts.

I've learned that certain brands are more durable and better quality of paper - which matters to my kids as they press hard when writing.  I have a thing about paper, since working in the printing industry for my early career - I'm a bit of a paper snob too.  But I will use bargain brand notebooks.  My kids don't have such luck.  

Now when it comes to back to school supplies - I've tried for years to explain to the kids that 5 1 subject notebooks (70 pages) is more paper than in one of the 5 subject notebooks they prefer.  Oldest explained it that it's annoying to take notes in class and run out of paper or to have a chapter of notes in 2 notebooks.  I get that but when you can get 50 and 70 page single subjects for $.25 I would save money.

Here us my argument to them and hubby this week:
I spent $ 55.88 + tax    For 8 5subject 200 pg and 4 3subject 150 pg. (2200 pages total)

The same number of pages would be 44 50 page single subjects at $11 + tax from staples.  Paperboard covers

Granted the kids would have to carry folders since the 1 subjects don't have them built in (with mine those are a godsend) 

This is my least favorite time of the year


  1. I love the fall/back to school since I consider it "my time" to start fresh too - I don't think I ever grew up in that regard. HOWEVER I hear you about the whole school supplies thing! Guppy 2 finds out her team/teachers and supplies list literally the day she leaves for the Cape! When I talked to her about this, she gave me the okay to buy her supplies without her - which will be uber helpful!
    I hear you about being a paper snob! I am there with you! LOL


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