Tuesday, August 18, 2015

BJs find & Tuesday's tasks

Ground beef!  We were totally out - have been for a while (since June). Yesterday I stopped at BJs with youngest to see if there were school shoes and/or sneakers in the size we needed - struck out there but got the required milk and bananas and a 6.56 pound of 88% lean ground beef for $3.69/#!  Since we've been out and I need to get some easy to serve up dinners ready for the start of school (next week!) I grabbed it.  It's more than I wanted to pay per pound, but...cheaper than the grocery stores.

Plan today includes browning it all, chilling it and freezing it in 1pound packs.  This will make quick meals faster for me.  I can plop it in the crockpot frozen with sauce for Italian meals or I can thaw in the fridge for casseroles or Mexican nights.  Tonight will be jarred sauce and meat on pasta.

I have on my list for today to come up with a game plan for freezer/crockpot meals ala Pinterest.  The ones in the ziplock baggies...I'm mentally ready to tackle that kind of adventure.

I will figure out what meals, quantity of ingredients and when to do the shop (after consulting the calendar to find out when the others will be away) then I can clean sweep the kitchen surfaces, shop, chop and assemble.   It's a task I find easier without assistance, even from hubby since he is a 'toss it all together' cook and I'm a 'follow the directions' cook.

In the meantime (until there is a weekend they all leave for an overnight/day adventure) it's eat from the freezer to make space for easier suppers.  So a little painful period of having to cook nightly but it will be worth it....hell it better be!  Ha ha ha.

All this is so we have an easier time of the school year starting.  With the school year starting - I have signed up as a sub at the kids school.  Pay isn't as high as the public school systems - but I'm already there everyday dropping off and picking up.  So hopefully I can get a few days a month to help with the commuting costs.  Plus, I'm hoping one of the secretaries there will be retiring before the youngest (middle schooler) graduates from the high school program - and I could be considered for the job.  Which would be good, I can't justify being a stay at home mom forever - especially since these 2 will be going to college.  Having meals ready to plop in the CP will make any subbing days easier once we get home - just make a fast startch or veg and serve!

If nothing thing else, I need to get a better dinner routine so if I re-enter the workplace this year we aren't eating tons of takeout.

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  1. Sounds like a solid plan on all fronts.
    Good luck!