Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Detergent review

As I promised here is my super unscientific results of Persil pearls.
Keep in mind I use Shout as a pre treater as necessary.

Load 1
Whites - mostly bath towels
Washed in hot water regular  cycle. No bleach
Results: dissolved completely (we have hard water) clean, fragrance was ok - almost non discernible after drying in the dryer, those dried on the rack were crunchier and had a little more fragrance but it wasn't strong or unpleasant

Load 2
Mixed colors - shirts, shorts & t shirts
Washed in warm water, regular cycle
Results: dissolved well, but some little dregs were in the gasket drain area, not on the clothes.
Scent was not strong.  Load was ravk dried - scent was pleasant, clothes were very clean

Load 3
Bed linens
Washed on santitzer hot temp, regular cycle length
Results : dissolved completely
Came out of the dryer (no dryer sheet) fine, staticky but looked and smelled clean.

Load 4
Mixed colors - mostly cottons - shorts & shirts
Washed in cold water, regular cycle
Results :  didn't dissolve as well, not stuck on clothes but more dregs in the gasket area
Scent was not overpowering and clothes were clean, although some shirts were still stinky in the pits

Over all I will buy this product again.  I will try the liquid version as soon as I find a good coupon for it.  I like the powder version when I'm going to use the timer wash option.

Right now I have many many bottles of bargain liquid detergent - so I will continue to use those with baking soda added when certain items are stinky.

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