Sunday, August 16, 2015

Feedback - it's a gift!

I learned that little phrase in a training class ages ago.  It is true.  All feedback should be looked at as a gift.  It's something that should spur us to be better or do better or affirm we are plugging along just fine.


In borrowing from Carol @ CT on a Budget (see my blogs I read daily list).  I'm looking for feedback.

Do you like what's here?  If not - What do you want to see?
What kind of things are most helpful?
What should I change?

 Feel free to use the comments section - I'm looking for constructive feedback.


  1. I wish I had some "constructive" feedback but, I honestly love your blog! As I told Carol, it's nice to have some CT bloggers around because it is such a challenge with everything so high priced. I love your insight into things. I guess the only small thing is maybe posting more often? I really don't have anything bad to say at all. LOL

    1. Thanks MamaFish! It's great there are 3 of us from little CT and we are in different parts of the state - with different costs. I'm hoping with school starting next week I can get back on a regular schedule. And now using the blogger app I find it's easier to add photos....big thank you shoutout to Ms Sandie fir that suggestion!

  2. I agree, post more often! I really enjoy knowing we are all in the same state, and we can share ideas and deals. And you are more than welcome!