Monday, August 10, 2015

I have to cook this week?

Oh geeze!  Hubby & kiddos got home last night....took the kiddos straight to camp so it's just hubby and I this week.  But I have to cook dinners!  Kinda bummed & concerned about getting back into that groove.  When they are away at camp & conference, I usually eat sandwiches, cereal, roasted veg & rice and some childhood comfort foods (chef boyardee ravioli or deviled ham on saltines w/baby gherkins - don't judge!) or lots of Caesar salads.  It's simple & fast & frees up my time for other stuff.

The plus side is it gives me a chance to really dig thru the freezer and maybe try some new
crockpot-able recipes.  I'm thinking today might just be kielbasa - it's easy and I didn't grocery shop last week except for replenishing my romaine & milk.

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