Friday, August 7, 2015

Motivation & Productivity Returneth

Believe if or not, I was up and out of the house by 9am and home by 5pm.

First stop OSJL - had to return an item, in the process I picked up some CVS brand eye serum $4.99(like aveeno), dried Unsugared mango strips, 3 packs of pants hangers (3/1.99) for me, just like the ones we paid $5/3 for hubby's pants a couple years ago at BB&B, box of cheese straw breadsticks
Next off to BJs to return a pair of sandals for one of the kids who didn't like them & fill tank on the car - only bought gas - yay!
Then off to the school uniform store in RI to exchange the incorrect size (they measured & kid grew a ton)  got that straightened out.  I could have had them ship to the CT store north of Hartford but that takes 2 weeks or I could have paid go have it shipped to me at home.  I drove - it was worth it & it's done.  Stopped at BJs  there to see if there was any good deals - nope.  Can't wait for Costco to open!
Stopped on the way home to buy romaine hearts at shoprite  

Have had a Caesar salad and will go move my pants to their new hangers.  Then it's time to tidy the living room/dining room (open plan).  And find a movie on netflix.

While I was out I did some comparison shopping on notebooks for the kids - tomorrow I will take an inventory of what we need for their classes and start searching the ads like crazy.

I know book sox are on the list - need to keep the books in good shape for good resale value next June.

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