Friday, August 21, 2015

Nail care

Just in case anyone was wondering why I take my own tools to the nail place and then sterilize them at home....
I'm terrified of nail fungus - I had one bout 22 yrs ago I was a young professional and doing the mani-pedi thing every other week.  I thought the place was clean but the dermatologist said most likely not.  It was months of pills and blood tests since the anti fungal pills can do weird things to your liver.  Ever since I'm very early where I go, learned how to do it myself in between and have learned that feet don't have to look glamorous, clean and healthy is glamor shot worthy too.

Today I found a perfect nude shade of polish at Walmart.  It was from the wet & wild brand.  I tried to find this shade for several weeks - although it took 3 coats to get the coverage I wanted, I know that I didn't spend a fortune on it.  I know myself and I try not to have more than 4 colors on hand.  They will separate or get gummy if not used regularly.
Currently I have this nude shade, hot pink, sky blue, coral (my love color this summer) and a RED, hubby jokes around and referred to it as hooker red.  It looks great if my feet are tan though. And then there is my pinkish clear for my hands and plain clear topcoat.  I think the blue was the most expensive one, it's OPI brand, but was the perfect shade last summer.

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