Friday, August 21, 2015

Personal Care Expenses

Well, CT has hit the news with nail salons not paying an actual minimum wage etc...

Time to do my post on personal care costs and what works for me.  Where I will cut costs and what I won't cut costs on.

Hair Care
I don't cut costs on covering my grays or haircuts.  Experience has taught me that I am not capable of cutting my bangs or coloring my hair successfully.  This is something I leave to the pros.
I cut about every 6-8 weeks and color 3 times/year (although that could increase if these grays don't cut the crap and continue to bring their pals to the party).
I use a sulfate free cleansing conditioner every other day and color safe shampoo on the other days- keeps the color good and hair healthy.  I tried the no-poo thing once - not for me...I never got past the 'adjustment' phase.

Brows are another item I pay for a couple times a year - I try to keep them up on my own but when I fall behind - I'm not afraid to have them done

Manicures & Pedicures.
I have my own tools.  I am not embarrassed to take them when I get my annual end of winter pedicure at the nail place.  The rest of the year I do it myself at home.  If I keep up on it - it isn't such a chore.  My hands are working hands so I stick to blue emu oil in the winter or coconut oil and on sale lotions.  For toes - I wear on sale polish and finger nails I'm a clear with a tint of pink polish girl. Simple and if it chips doesn't look horrible.  I've been blessed/cursed with a natural french manicure all my life - my nail tips are extremely white and this makes solid polish a 3+ coat adventure to cover.

Body skin care
Usually onsale body washes always moisturizing versions or dove bar soap.  I have the scrubby cloths ( long and single thickness). They are from body shop and Walmart/target...I love them - scrubby and easier to rinse and dry than the pouf things.  I think they are $2-3 each. Well worth it.
Lotions are always bought on sale - I try for unscented or light scent.

Sunscreen is always 30 SPF. Always lotion - I'm switching brands currently based on scent and sticky factor.  I tend to go with the sport formulas since they feel better on the skin for me

Facial Skin Care
Wash at minimum 2x daily usually with dove in the shower and cetaphil cleanser in the evening - oil free moisturizer (neutrogena at the moment -unscented) and eye serum (helps w eye crinkles)
I seldom wear more than mascara but when I do it's a tinted BB moisturizer, a little concealer, mineral powder and maybe a smidge of bronzer. Just a little eyeliner and nude eyeshadow and my Maybaline Great Lash (pink and green forever!). When I was fresh out of college and making sick $$ I spent tons at the LancĂ´me counter at GFox and Macys.  I do love their eyeliner pencils so I splurged last year on 2 and sharpener.  I'm good for a while.
I gave up on lipstick ages ago.  I use lip stain from the BodyShop and a tinted gloss/balm from Burt's Bees to get the color I like.
With age I've found what works for me and doesn't make me feel made up and cake faced.

The hair cuts and colors are the biggest expense I have annually and I'm ok with it - when I see what other people I know's nuts.  Yesterday I spent $75 for a cut and 2 process color (a few highlights). My good friend in town spends about double that (different salon) and she colors every 6 weeks - my hubby would flip out if he saw that bill.  But her hair grows faster ,
longer than mine and she has darker hair with more visible  grays - I don't blame her.


  1. $75 for a cut and 2 process color?!?! OMG! Where do you go? I have horrid gray hairs too and will spend anywhere between $150 and $200 (depending on if I have the two step process done)! Ideally I would go have this done every six to eight weeks but there have been many times that I make myself wait for three to four months (because of expense!) . I hate trying to cut my own bangs as well but often beg Papa to please do it. LOL

    1. MamaFish I think she threw in the foils since there were only 3. But it's at jc penny ....