Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rainy Tuesday

Wow - it's pouring out there!  Looks like today in CT it will be a soaker too. Good since we need the rain desperately. 

Days like this make me believe in reincarnation - I think I was a cat in a previous life. Don't like to go out in the rain and curled up on the sofa is a good spot for days like this. 
A good thing about the rain is it's keeping me home - and hubby took my car today leaving me his truck which I can drive but don't like to when the weather isn't perfect. 

Today I will tackle the under counter portion of the pantry in the kitchen - the last spot. It's lone 2 doors wide but deep with a shelf. So this is really more of an inventory & organize it job.  I know there are lots of canned tomato products in there so I may be making some sort of chili or sauce if I unearth any ground beef or turkey in the freezer - really to re freeze as a quick school night dinner down the line. 

On my quest to use stuff up in the house I noticed we are nearly out of white sugar - I'm down to 1 canister and 1 5# bag in the pantry. I hope this will last until the holiday baking sales cycle starts.  I wanted to make another loaf of banana bread in the abm so I rummaged around and found the canister of 1:1 granulated Spenda. I used it for half the sugar the recipe calls for - also subbed coconut oil for the butter since I'm running low on that and completely out of canola/vegetable oil. I've used coconut oils in a lot of my baking lately and it isn't noticeable. I may try it with a small load of white toasting bread when I get more bread flour (running low on that too)

Well if I don't post this I will just ramble on and get nothing done. If you're in CR stay dray and take it easy in the roads if you're driving!

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  1. Cleaning that pantry too about a half hour. Overall I can now see what items I need to restock and cans are in use first date order.
    Totally out of jarred pasta sauce! Need to find a sale before school starts