Thursday, September 24, 2015

Apples. PYO vs Local Grown at store

Wow - I have a goal for myself to put up around 20 quarts of applesauce. Well I actually freeze it since I have no canning experience. Our preferred variety is cortland - alright mine you got me there. But if I'm the mother hen doing the get my drift?  

Well just saw the flyer for a market next town over (don't shop there regularly - it's $$, small and loads of geriatrics & poorly laid out parking lot). 

They have locally grown cortlands on sale (starting Saturday) for $.69/#!  

I was planning on going to PYO orchard and paying $1.89 (today's price). 

Now my plan has changed. I will pick enough to eat my full and full the dehydrator a good 3-4 times and buy the sauce apples, once I check with the store  as to what the constitute as locally grown (must at least be on this side of the state)


  1. That is a great price! I am with you about checking the "locally grown" part because I think they can call anything within 200 miles "local":. We have at least three (I'm thinking more though) apple orchards in my town and most of the time my Big Y has "local" apples from Mass! Crazy!

  2. I have been so blessed to get organic, heirloom apples for free this month! I am guessing 50 apples.