Saturday, September 26, 2015

Beautiful fall day

Today is gorgeous!  I'm finishing my coffee and seeing what everyone is up to...  Convinced I have ADD when it comes to cleaning - I dislike it so much I just can't focus and get it done.

  I'm stuck inside cleaning.  Hubby and kids are off camping (boys).  I would have loved to get together with girlfriends and gone to the Durham fair - but, sine they all work Saturday is  their GSD day (Get Shit Done).  Besides the fair is never a cheap day out.  We may make a kohls run later in the afternoon though - I have a 30% off coupon!

I've tackled the bathrooms, threw a load of laundry in to wash, need to clean kitchen, organize some papers of mine and do some general tidying.

I would love to try and get some sewing in today/tonight. Nothing major, a little mending and I want to make  a couple cuddle cups for the pets (they love sleeping in them)  and I have some fleece from a project ages ago that's lurking so it will be a freebie project.

Enough of a break - time to get back to work....


  1. Funny you mentioned the Durham fair. I was talking with my husband this morning about how I wanted to go check it out. But, with the looming purchase of a new hot water heater on the horizon, I am being cheap and don't want to pay the admission fee for the family to get in if I am not 100% they will enjoy it.

    You need to give yourself a break and get outside at least for awhile today! Even if it's enjoying lunch outside....You should do something for yourself. I think it would do your mood good! =)

  2. Thanks! Just went back outside to hang something on the line.....decided to have my second coffee out there too. As much as I need to whip the house into shape I'm thinking a nap in he lawn chair us more my speed today