Monday, September 14, 2015

Do I renew the card?

Trying to decide if renewing my big y savings card is worth it.  
It's $20/ year for the silver level. This gets me silver coin prices on items without having to have the physical silver coins in my purse to turn over. This has been a huge convenience over the last year. 

I got the card last year when a new Big Y opened near my home and I was shopping during the grand opening period. Over the 6 months I've saved $78.56 by using the card (yes I tracked it using their app). Since I tend to shop their loss leaders and buy their brand of coffee pods I would continue to see those savings. 

What would you do?  


  1. WHAT??!!?? Theycharrge $20 for a store card now? I have a "regular" card that I really don't use, and a snack baggie of silver coims (having tossed the red n blue ones that they no longer use). Their prices are high, store is not convenient for me.

  2. I am in the same boat as you! My card was given to me (free when they took over an existing Mom & Pop grocery store that closed down) and expired back about a month or so ago. I have yet to renew since I have a coin purse full of excess silver coins before I got the silver card. My plan is to use up my coins first before I make a final decision. I tend to try to shop mostly their loss leaders and so far haven't needed to use too many coins. (I think I have used six of my stash of bajillion so far.) =)

  3. For me the $20 fee has worked out well.

  4. Sandie - that's what I figured too. I was always either forgetting the coins in tha car or in my other purse or not having enough of them. Just on my coffee pods alone I save almost $5/box with the silver card.