Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fed up day

Pretty pathetic when the only good thing in your day involves finding  a new kabuki brush at ocean state job lot.

The day started with the kids needing several wake up calls, then they were bickering until it was time to get in the car.  Just stupid nit picky crap - can't just mind their own business crap.

Once I got them off to school - it was paperwork day - got a bunch done, tedious and boring.

Next on the list was going to ocean state to use my coupon for pool ice pillows - they had them thank goodness.

Off to school for pick up, luckily for me I saw the traffic tie up going in the opposite direction - I checked my phone before leaving the school to see if the traffic was still there, it was & alternate route was used.  Added time :-(

Kids continued bickering once we got home.  I made bisquick cheeseburger pie for dinner.  One liked it, one griped un controllably  which made hubby pepper me with the " why do you make stuff like this, you know they both don't like it....blah blah blah".  hubby couldn't eat it but there was plenty of  dairy free chicken potpie for him.  I totally lost it!  Yelled at them all that if they don't like it then don't eat it, have soup, cereal or what ever...I'm sick of only cooking what 1 wants, what 2 likes, or what 3 can eat special food wise - tonite was what I wanted and that's it!  From now on if they all want something different from what I cooked - let me know and I will try to make it later in the week but for that night they can deal with it and eat what is cooked.


  1. Oh no! What a bad day for you! (((HUGS))) We love our families but they can really get under our skin sometimes huh? I know how hard dinners can be - there are times when I cook two meals for one dinner and think there has to be a better way! Hope tomorrow is much much better!!!!

    1. Thank you! Tomorrow is crockpot chicken chili and corn muffins.