Friday, September 11, 2015

Freezer crockpot dinner #1

Tonight is Italian Chicken from my freezer crockpot meal prep day. 
I only made 1 batch of it since it's a new recipie to me. Hoping it's well received by hubby & kids. Will be served with spaghetti, Italian bread and salad. 
Takes 4-6 hours on low so I will be turning on the CP at 10 am so dinner is ready for 5. 

I wish this was a scratch & sniff photo because it smells oniony garlicky and yummy - even tho the picture is kinda blah. 

If it's a winner winner chicken dinner I will post a link to the site I got the recipie from. 


  1. This looks great. Did the family give it a thumbs up?

    1. I posted it got it's own, it was very tasty and tender considering it was breasts