Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Productivity Report

After zipping around and doing the school trip I returned home to begin my prep session of crockpot that & dump meals.  I was determined to get things underway. I had 4 pounds of both breasts and thighs and 2.4 pounds of ground beef to work with. The pork chops I bought landed in the freezer already. I split the ground beef into 2 ziplock bags and labled. That will get used in sauce it's fast to brown it up. 
The chicken parts became 2 bags of Chicken chili, 1 bag if Italian chicken and 1 bag of cranberry chicken. 

As I was getting the chicken chili stuff pulled together I realized I have run out of ground cumin completely and there is no substituting that. Also I was totally out of canned black beans. Not a biggie. I had dried black beans and did a quick soak on them. As I have run my errands today I stopped back at shop rite to get ground cumin, oregano and 2 more 12 packs of the nabisco deal (&8.63). That will come off my grocery total for the month. 

I'm trying to only buy spices/herbs as I run low since they don't last forever. Black beans are now on the things to restock in the sales cycle list. I don't think I will make it until the Can can sale in January. But will use the dried ones up and replace those when I stock up on canned ones. 

I had tons of errands to run today also. But all proved cost effective for me. 
Rather than running into TJMaxx for a pair of denim Capri pants ( on my replace list since spring). I got a pair at goodwill for $7!  And when I went to agway for feed & hay my loyalty card got me a $10 discount!  It was like getting the hay free!!  Double yay!

I even remembered to pack my lunchbox with healthy lunchy foods so I would to hit the drive thru - although I forgot a drink so I had to get a diet coke when I got gas.  I think it was a pretty productive day.  

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  1. Whoa! That IS a busy and productive day! Thanks for the tip on the Agway loyalty card...Not sure if we have an Agway close to us but it's worth researching for all the hay our bunny goes through!
    Oh by the way, if you still have some energy, there are a few things on my list for today that I didn't get to do...... =)