Friday, September 18, 2015

Grocery Spending Update

Yesterday I had to stop at Shop Rite and do a quick shop.  We were out of plain greek yogurt, vanilla yogurt and frozen berries (smoothies). Also out of ritz crackers and romaine hearts....and nutmeg  (see yesterday's post).

By the time I left the store I was out $106.37!

Granted it was all stuff we will use and I kept it quick.  The restocking if items we use/eat regularly is what kills me on a monthly basis.
Not on my list but I had coupons loaded on my card for them: quinoa, bisquick mix.  Unexpected deals - 3.49/# pork tenderloins (grabbed 2 for the freezer), nice broccoli crowns .99/#, green bell peppers 1.49/#. 20 wash bottle of Persil liquid laundry detergent 5.79 with a $2 off coupon attached - yay!  I know I said no more laundry soap, but I really like the powdered version and this is a great way to try the liquid w/o committing to 50 loads.  So much for Persil being a Walmart exclusive!  This jug was cheaper than the same size at Walmart too.  I'm just glad to have added it to my stash so cheaply.  I just bought the 1 jug,

Today was the BJs run.
Dishwasher tabs, 32 bars of bath soap, jug of Dawn (my annual jug) , bananas, rotisserie chicken, cucumbers and brick of TP set me back: $60

The grand total to get me to the end of the month is:  $91.99
there is still milk to buy weekly  @ 3.29 - 3.89/gallon, and we will need veggies again and I want my apples.   I may just squeak it in

And I still want to go pick a wagon full of apples.  I'm thinking I'm dipping into Octobers monies.


  1. I think I will check out this laundry detergent!

  2. The coupons were taped on. From the manufacturer...kinda weird but I saved 2$!