Saturday, September 26, 2015

Kohls Haul

Ran out to kohls with a friend this afternoon.  Last weekish I had gotten a 30% coupon.  So glad I did.
Picked up 2 pairs of jeans for myself. 1 pair on clearance for 15.99  and one on sale for 19.99.
Then I picked up shorts for the kids because they are on clearance and the youngest claims none fit (not surprised, huge growth year)

My total was $127 before my 30% coupon.  $95 with tax. And I got kohls cash!

So excited!  The shorts were on clearance for 8.40, 10 and 12 each. There was 30% off that!  Yah!!

Simple things....considering I haven't bought jeans in ages so I'm happy they weren't super expensive to start with even happier they turnout out cheaper.

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