Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sept. Groceries - trip 1

Seems today was grocery shopping day in blogland.

After I dropped my kids at school I headed to shoprite.  Nice thing about going in the early morning is it's not too crowded yet. Plus I get home and get it put away before my day gets away from me.

It was a really big shop for me - I've been not going as often and doing quick top off trips.  Those aren't good for my bottom line.   We have been eating down the cupboards as much as possible.

On sale items
6 boxes of Barilla pasta 7.40
2 boxes of honey bunches of oats cereal 1.99/ea
1 box SR Bran Flakes .99 (muffins)
2 boxes SR freezer zip bags .89/ea
5# jasmine rice 6.49
8 cans diced tomatos .75 ea
2 Nabisco snack packs 2.74/ea (lunch treats)
6 SR greek yogurt singles .80/ea
3 SR shredded cheddar bags 1.99
4 SR cheddar blocks 1.99
2 frienship cottage cheese tubs 1.99/ea
2 half gallon OJ 1.99/ea
2 bags SR frozen blackberries 2/$5
Eggs 3.19/doz (OUCH)
BLSL chicken thighs 1.99/#. 8.12
BLSL chicken thighs 2.49/# 8.81
Bone in pork loin chops  6.01
85% lean ground beef 9.25

Not on sale but still needed
Gallon milk
Half gallon nut milk
Romaine hearts
1 red pepper
Frozen mixed veggies
Chicken gravy mix packs (used my backups)
Mousse for my hair
Shake n bake (I cut it with breadcrumbs)
2 jars of pasta sauce
1 jar minced garlic
Big box of raisins
Frosted mini wheats (special request)
5 nectarines
6 Plums
Loaf bread

Total was $165.75!  This is what happens when I don't go for a while.  All the meat is for freezer crockpot ready meals - another post...

Since my goal this month is $500 I'm nervous it can be accomplished  to say the least.


  1. I don't think you need to be all that nervous for your $500 budget. You may have spent a chunk of it today, but, it seems to me, you also did a good amount of stocking up! And you bought a good amount of meat too! It sounds like maybe you aren't used to spending that much at one time anymore? I was the queen of "stopping at the store for just a few things" this summer and it HURT my bottom line BIG TIME!
    Oh and I have been meaning to ask you --- Did that Xpect in East Haven/Branford close yet? I haven't been down that far in a bit and was wondering if it's worth a trip. =)

  2. I'm not sure if it closed yet. I'm headed that way next week for a dr appt. I'll let you know. Sometimes it's worth it sometimes not - really hit or miss for me there. More misses lately. But with no aldi in my regular travels....I make do with deals wherever I find them

  3. Thanks! And yeah, I hear you about Xpect. It was easier for me when there was still one in North Haven - not that it's a whole lot closer BUT there is so much down there - Target, Michaels, Barnes & Noble, etc. I could get a huge chunk of stuff done at once and, if it was a "miss" week at Xpect, no big deal. Now, it would be like the *only* reason for me to drive over to East Haven since I don't have any other errands around.

  4. I started a grocery envelope. 500 in, receipts go in as cash goes out.