Sunday, September 13, 2015

September grocery spending

Seeing as it's nearly mid month I had hoped to be doing better than this.  My budget is $500 for 2 adults, 2 teens, 2 guinea pigs (they eat veggies - their grain & hay is a pet expense) as well as our toiletries.

So far I've spent
165.75. @ shop rite
10.78 @ IGA
58.43 @ Big Y
3.39 @ walgreens (milk)
3.29 @ Cumberland Farms (milk)
Grand total is 241.64
This means I have 258.36 left for the month.  I'm pretty sure I can do it.  We are in good shape in most areas.

Things still left to replenish this month are:
BJs - bar soap, finish dish tabs, TP, bananas. I have coupons for everything but the bananas.
Cumbys - milk as needed
Fresh veg, frozen veg & fruit & romaine hearts - most likely from shoprite.
Apples - this could be a budget buster for September, but it's kind of a shell game since we eat the apple stuff all year.  I am getting ready to pick apples - planning on lots of freezer applesauce and dehydrating a bunch for winter baking.  I really wish I knew something about canning because I would can the apple sauce if I did.  I would even try making crockpot apple butter.  There just doesn't look like there is time this fall.


  1. Come on over and I can talk you through the canning thing. It's easy if you have the supplies and do it once. ;-)

  2. Crockpot applebutter is easy. Just put applesauce in the crockpot, add sugar and spices. Cook on low til it is as thick as you like yours. Remember that it thickens as it cools. I take out a bowl, cool it to see if it is ready. Barbara