Sunday, September 20, 2015

To market, to market - jiggity jig

Back out for some items kids can't live without!  More fruit!  Only cost me $14.98 (outrageous). The growth spurt fueled smoothie run has to slow down....this leave me with $77.01 to finish out the month with.   My dollar tree was out of frozen berries last time I was there (earlier this week getting stuff for church).

Bonus was I got 2 lively tomatos at church this morning.  Another member picked their garden yesterday and brought a basket of them in.  I only took 2 since I have some from last week we need to eat up this week.

Dinner tonite & tomorrow is C.O.R.N.  Too much else going on to do anything elaborate.

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  1. okay, I have to ask. You and Carol use this term C.O.R.N. I can't figure out what it stands for (feeling stupid)