Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tough Choices Ahead

Asking you all to keep a good thought for me - I have some things I can't discuss here yet. Mostly it involves big changes and won't be overnight stuff. 

Restarting a career / going back to work after 16 years is the first big change. I have to do this and juggle family, caring for the home, getting kids to school and back, and all the volunteer stuff husband expects me to do on my own and help him with. Biggest bummer is I don't get to be selfish and put me working on a new degree first. It's so far down the list it didn't make the paper.   Sometimes when we are young we don't make the best of choices even if it's for the right reasons. 


  1. Hugs to you! And, I completely understand where you are coming from about not making the best decisions even for the right reasons. I never finished my degree (although Papa encouraged me to do so) and with two kids to potentially put through college, it's far too late for me to return. Also, I listened to my parents - who told me that I could never become a "real writer" although they never even read a word of any of my work. Now, so many years later I am trying my hardest to silence the inner critic (aka my parents' voices) and get back to where I once was. But that's hard with so many family obligations. And, I face the daunting task of trying to possibly go back to work after being out of commission for 16+ years as well.

    Admittedly I don't know your situation or you that well (only through your posts). I am hoping that you have a good support system of friends to help you through. Going through it alone is a tough thing to handle for anyone. I'm not sure if blogger has it up on my blog or not, but here is my Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need someone to talk to or even somewhere just to vent.
    Thinking of you and sending good thoughts....

  2. It's always hard to make changes. I want to say that I hope you (and you too TrayceeBee) don't give up the dream of finishing your degree. I didn't do it the traditional right out of high school either. I went against what the family wanted for me in regards to education, career, marriage....and I'm doing all that I set out to do, even if it didn't agree with what they 'thought was best'. Whatever happens to you bargain mom, I will be proud of your decisions for you. Good luck.

  3. Getting a degree is NOT selfish! I am furious that we women think we have to put ourselves dead last. You will be a happy woman and probably make more money or perks, so that will help the whole family. Get the degree and don't feel guilty.