Thursday, September 3, 2015

'Mom, why did you buy raisin bran with no raisins?'

That was the question I was asked when the kids came home and the box of bran flakes (store brand on sale $.99/box) was on the counter.  
I've made a these type muffins before. And I like them. These were even at hit with The Picky Oldest Teen.  

Usually when it comes to muffins I use the little packs that you just add milk, stir and bake.  They make 6. The packs are $.98/ea at Walmart. Trouble is a chocolate chip muffin (or 3) is like eating a cupcake (or 3) for breakfast.  
And those little packs are just the right size for the teens to eat them for breakfast because they just aren't that yummy the next day if there are any leftover.  

So - now the muffin box Tupperware has 7 left in it and one kid plus hubby has yet to eat this morning. 

I'm going to be tweeking the recipie some in the next couple weeks.  As it is they are great!  Although I did add the last scant 1/2 cup of pecan bits from the freezer.  

My changes will be to swap the banana for pumpkin and applesauce (not at the same time) and swap the milk for almond milk and to swap the veg oil for coconut oil. 

These were so cheap in comparison to the packets but I will still keep packets on hand - sometimes you need a little cake to jump start a dreary day :-)


  1. Have you tired subbing applesauce for the veg. oil in your recipes? I often do that with good results. The recipe needs moist not so much oil in particular. If fully swapping out doesn't give good results then I'll swap out half the amount and keep half the oil.

  2. These look delicious! Thanks for sharing