Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Chugging along

I think I can, I think I can.....
Made it thru 2 days.  Good news is Wednesdays errands in the Hartford area don't need to be done now :-)!  Less driving for me - super happy about that.

Gives me time to get some stuff done at home.
Thursday will be a good day to do house stuff too - I'm already thinking Christmas - not decorating - just the mental list of things I need to do to get ready for the holidays since we host thanksgiving, cousin Christmas and Christmas Day here.  There's tons to do.  Pinterest is great for inspiration but there are too many good ideas

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Staying busy

No one can say I'm bored.  I have almost every day booked this week.

Monday is the uncomfortable task of finishing the band fundraiser. May the force be with me!  Also a conference call to work on a flyer for an event I've been asked to help plan.

Tuesday will include oil change and meeting at church about a project I'm working on there

Wednesday has me in Hartford area for errands

Thursday is hopefully a home / housework day because I have a meeting in the evening (in town volunteer stuff)

Friday - I'm not sure yet...but if it's an at home day that's not the end of the world

Weekend will find us all home and doing som much needed fall clean up in the yard

Friday, October 23, 2015

5 frugal things Friday

It's been a super busy week here for me.  Sorry I wasn't intentionally disappearing, just swamped with paperwork. Didn't even play on the ipad so you know I was busy!

I'm back at the 5 Frugal things for the week.  I Lways liked this format.

1.  Used a coupon for 40% off on a supply youngest needed for school at Michaels & in return I got another at the register :-). Will use next week on a Christmas present!

2. Returned some items to the stores from which they came.  They've been lurking around - and annoying me.  All returned because they were wrong size or color or duplicate item.

3. We ate leftovers!  And there is still chili for tomorrow's dinner :-)

4.  Spent 3 full days volunteering at school - frugal since it cut my daily drive by 60 miles a day!

5.  All laundry washed was air dried. - out of towels and will need to wash hot load in the am.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Why do I try to help?

The kids band has a great opportunity to play in NYC.  It's not a cheap trip, since they are staying overnight.  So they are fundraising.  Doing the same successful one as last year - put the word out that if parents had another idea or want to head up more than this one to raise their hands....no one & that's fine - not everyone has time or desire.

I spent the last 2 days getting my ass chewed out because - a parent didn't read the paperwork and was unhappy.

Hello?!  not my fault they didn't read it. It was sent home with the kid and emailed to all parents.  So I'm the bad guy?  I didn't make the rules, school business office did. I'm just trying to help out so lots if kids can go.

Never yell at a volunteer - we won't always stick around to help your kids out when you won't/can't/don't do it yourself.   Especially if you aren't willing to help unless yours is a beneficiary.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Thank goodness for Saturday!

Thank goodness for Saturday!  It was a crazy week here.  We had something every night this week, it was just nuts!!  I was at the kids school all day yesterday and it totally exhausted me - last night was take out - and it honestly never tasted better - ha ha ha.

Today it's been great - the family actually has nothing planned - nowhere to be, no commitments.  Awesome.  Kids puttered & homework.  I've worked on laundry and computer, hubby has done some catch up stuff and in the office.  It's been pretty good.

Hope everyone is having as relaxing/productive day!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Monkey Wrenches

The universe is throwing them at me lately.  Big ones & small ones.
Some are costly $$ wise and some are costly in the terms of the time they suck up.
Seems that everytime I turn around and get started on a project with a plan in place to complete it - something comes up and someone else needs me to drop what I'm working on to help them or get them out of a jam.  A little frustrating - makes me want to nap more.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Super Bargain!

Long weekends usually mean kids spend time working on school projects - this weekend was no exception. 

This meant I had to run to staples for color ink for the printer - it's an old printer & I only buy ink when we run out because it's $$ and the printer can be temperamental - it's on the list to be replaced when it does finally quit. 

As usual I took a wander thru the clearance section - found this treat! Not sure how they will taste but my kids also know not to ask me for hot cocoa KCups   Because they are almost never on super sale. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Plugging away

Still plugging away at getting stuff ready for an event I'm helping at this weekend.  Trying to turn in early and get all errands run in combo fashion.

Stopped at IGA for milk & oldest asked for cheez it crackers - $4.59/12 oz box?!  Nope, picked 2 bags of goldfish crackers instead (2/$3)

Had to pick up stuff at ocean state job lot - same size box well within sell by date of cheez it crackers $2!  Bought 2.  Pays to wait

Monday, October 5, 2015

Swamped & under the weather

Kinda spotty posting this week.  I have several meetings in the evenings and an event to attend to at weekend, kids gave big projects due this week and early next week, kids to commute & feeling kinda grumpy/lethargic.

I'll be reading & commenting but might not get a quality post out for a day or 2 (or until next Monday). Sorry, just didn't want to disappear on you

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Weekend update

Thanks for the supportive good vibes sent my way today.

After i posted earlier today I puttered on stuff to get done here until Hubby came home, sent oldest to bedroom to hit the books while I told hubby I would help him with errands or garage for a set amount of time.  The kids were going to do homework while that happened.  He agreed the errands were where he needed the most help, so off we went.  While we were out I told him of the rest of the things I needed to get done and what the kids needed to complete by the end of Sunday and come hell or high water it would be done - that my days aren't spent waiting around for tasks to fall into my lap begging to be done.  I am perfectly capable of finding stuff around the house that needs doing.

It's been a good long time since I put my foot down and it was done today.

He know he didn't marry June Cleaver  or Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart, he just needs to be reminded of it

Oldest finished homework for Monday and got a start on the project.  Youngest came up with a design for project - I just have to run to Walmart for one item tomorrow after church.

Weekend derailed

Little pity party/whine here....move along to the next blog if you need to - I just have to get this out before my brain implodes

 Have you ever had a plan in place for accomplishing something only to have it changed by your spouse because their plans changed last minute, so rather than figuring out a plan b for themselves they make a unilateral decision that your plans must change to accomplish their new plan and maketheir  new plan a success?

Yup, happened here again - I feel a massive stress headache brewing from it too.

This weekend was supposed to be the youngest & me.  Today we were going to putter around, picking up the house, cleaning that bedroom, working on a school project due Tuesday, instrument cleaning. & practice, then dinner out 1 on 1 kid/mom time.  Tomorrow we would do church and confirmation class, wrap up the school project, study for early week quizzes  & laundry.

Hubby's & oldest's plans were cancelled due to weather - hubby is more disappointed I think than the kid.  Oldest also has a huge project due the following week and saw this as a chance to work on it since next weekend it's a camping weekend.  Plus there is a large homework assignment from yesterday due Monday morning and a display board he has due Monday night.  I think that's why he was relieved for the cancellation.

Hubby has rearranged everything to his liking - rather than what needs to happen to set us up for the next 2-3 weeks for peaceful weeks.    Straightening up the garage being a top priority and this is never a solo job.  And errands he needs me to go with him on. Never mind that there us so much else to do with actual deadlines.

I'm fried!  Had this been me I would have figured a way to work with oldest to see that the academic and other commitments were completed, while puttering around the house taking care of things on my own, ready to assist if asked or needed with the academic stuff

At least cleaning won't cost me any $$. The headache will though....but I have a free coffee at dunkin donuts so I just have to buy the chocolate donut to go with it (stress buster food)

Friday, October 2, 2015

October Grocery Budget

Well, I spoke too soon late last night.
I'm thinking that October is going to be a grocery challenge month here.  Hubby did some grocery shopping near his office (youngest child wanted sushi & hubs & oldest didn't feel like leftovers). The market he goes to has a very good meat counter & butcher.  I'm adding his trips in this month to show him how it affects out food spending.

My trips so far
10/1 IGA $13,91 lettuce, bananas, milk & kielbasa
10/2 Shoprite 70.38 fresh veg, frozen veg restock, vinegar, bleach, barley, boullion cubes, cheese, lunch meat, bread, humus (onsale half price) feminine products

Hubby's Trip to his market $96.23. Meat heavy order & prepared foods & OJ /milk

Grand total: $180.52. Ouch!

That leaves me with $319.48 for the month.  Good thing we have 2 gallons of milk -insert eye roll here.

Definately will be planning meals more carefully this month.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

September Grocery totals

I tallied up my September grocery spending.  Just a little bit over...
I set a goal of $500 for the month.
I went $58 over.

I'm hoping to really track better for October.  I'm still trying to decide if I want to include toiletries/paper goods.   I did this month and went over but I think that was snack food & frozen fruit induced.

I went to market today, kielbasa, milk, lettuce & bananas -  $18!  Not a stellar start.  The novena candles were only in colors (I wanted white)

Storm preps for Joaquin!

Everyone - run out get milk, eggs and bread!!  Buy all the bottled water and batteries you can!

Just kidding!  I know the media needs to alert us all since this is the first real weather thing and it's October.  They gotta get ready for their Snow Storm Game.

I'm actually pretty well stocked and looks like we are just going to get lots of rain - we need it so badly.

One thing prep thing I will be buying is a novena candle (the tall glass jars you see at roadside monuments), they are cheap!  I want to test them out since they are unscented and might make a good backup some day - but I'm buying 1, that's it.   I will be buying is milk (we drank the last this morning) and lettuce for the pets too

My other storm prep involved stacking up the lawn chairs to be covered before the leaves fall.
And I may go buy a bottle of wine.  I want to make a chicken dish and I'm out of white wine.  

A little prep thru the year makes my life a little less nutty