Friday, October 23, 2015

5 frugal things Friday

It's been a super busy week here for me.  Sorry I wasn't intentionally disappearing, just swamped with paperwork. Didn't even play on the ipad so you know I was busy!

I'm back at the 5 Frugal things for the week.  I Lways liked this format.

1.  Used a coupon for 40% off on a supply youngest needed for school at Michaels & in return I got another at the register :-). Will use next week on a Christmas present!

2. Returned some items to the stores from which they came.  They've been lurking around - and annoying me.  All returned because they were wrong size or color or duplicate item.

3. We ate leftovers!  And there is still chili for tomorrow's dinner :-)

4.  Spent 3 full days volunteering at school - frugal since it cut my daily drive by 60 miles a day!

5.  All laundry washed was air dried. - out of towels and will need to wash hot load in the am.

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  1. I need to start keeping a list like this because I totally don't keep track of the things that I do and they start to be like second nature and I don't think of them as frugal choices any more but just the way we do things. Maybe I will try a list like this soon :)