Friday, October 2, 2015

October Grocery Budget

Well, I spoke too soon late last night.
I'm thinking that October is going to be a grocery challenge month here.  Hubby did some grocery shopping near his office (youngest child wanted sushi & hubs & oldest didn't feel like leftovers). The market he goes to has a very good meat counter & butcher.  I'm adding his trips in this month to show him how it affects out food spending.

My trips so far
10/1 IGA $13,91 lettuce, bananas, milk & kielbasa
10/2 Shoprite 70.38 fresh veg, frozen veg restock, vinegar, bleach, barley, boullion cubes, cheese, lunch meat, bread, humus (onsale half price) feminine products

Hubby's Trip to his market $96.23. Meat heavy order & prepared foods & OJ /milk

Grand total: $180.52. Ouch!

That leaves me with $319.48 for the month.  Good thing we have 2 gallons of milk -insert eye roll here.

Definately will be planning meals more carefully this month.


  1. Yikes I'd say being only 2 days into Oct.
    How many meals will the meat Hubs bought get you this month?

  2. 5 I'm guessing. We have plenty of foods, just lately he and the kids are on the no-leftovers-kick. It's makes me nuts, seems like I never get the quantities right when I cook lately. Teenagers in growth spurts are tough! My brothers were easy. My mom would make a baked ziti or lasagna and stick it in the extra fridge fir them to heat & eat after school.

  3. Wow! I feel for you! My kids are okay with leftovers - G1 has them after school for her "lunch" since she prefers to not eat at school. However, selling the leftovers for dinner has been a tough one. I tend to get stuck with the quantity issue when it comes to favorite snacks - one of the kids will decide they absolutely love something, I'll grab a bunch on sale, and then that kid will decide they don't care for it as much anymore!!!
    Good luck this month! I'm here with you in the same boat!!! =)

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