Thursday, October 1, 2015

Storm preps for Joaquin!

Everyone - run out get milk, eggs and bread!!  Buy all the bottled water and batteries you can!

Just kidding!  I know the media needs to alert us all since this is the first real weather thing and it's October.  They gotta get ready for their Snow Storm Game.

I'm actually pretty well stocked and looks like we are just going to get lots of rain - we need it so badly.

One thing prep thing I will be buying is a novena candle (the tall glass jars you see at roadside monuments), they are cheap!  I want to test them out since they are unscented and might make a good backup some day - but I'm buying 1, that's it.   I will be buying is milk (we drank the last this morning) and lettuce for the pets too

My other storm prep involved stacking up the lawn chairs to be covered before the leaves fall.
And I may go buy a bottle of wine.  I want to make a chicken dish and I'm out of white wine.  

A little prep thru the year makes my life a little less nutty


  1. Haha! So, it wasn't just me watching the weathermen acting giddy about this! Unfortunately, storm or not there are staples I need anyway - bread being one of them. I plan on going out tomorrow for groceries and maybe I'll buy an extra candle or two and some AA's since we are just about out. The only thing I really am changing is being careful NOT to buy a ton of refrigerated/freezer stuff in case we lose power. Looking around my kitchen, it's pretty obvious we won't starve. LOL

    1. I know. I bought a kielbasa, bananas, milk and lettuce. We won't starve here that's for sure.

  2. I bet there is a run on wine too....lolz!

    1. Well if there is I'll find out tomorrow. As for drinking booze I'm all set. There's vodka I was going to order vanilla beans and make vanilla for Christmas presents