Saturday, October 3, 2015

Weekend derailed

Little pity party/whine here....move along to the next blog if you need to - I just have to get this out before my brain implodes

 Have you ever had a plan in place for accomplishing something only to have it changed by your spouse because their plans changed last minute, so rather than figuring out a plan b for themselves they make a unilateral decision that your plans must change to accomplish their new plan and maketheir  new plan a success?

Yup, happened here again - I feel a massive stress headache brewing from it too.

This weekend was supposed to be the youngest & me.  Today we were going to putter around, picking up the house, cleaning that bedroom, working on a school project due Tuesday, instrument cleaning. & practice, then dinner out 1 on 1 kid/mom time.  Tomorrow we would do church and confirmation class, wrap up the school project, study for early week quizzes  & laundry.

Hubby's & oldest's plans were cancelled due to weather - hubby is more disappointed I think than the kid.  Oldest also has a huge project due the following week and saw this as a chance to work on it since next weekend it's a camping weekend.  Plus there is a large homework assignment from yesterday due Monday morning and a display board he has due Monday night.  I think that's why he was relieved for the cancellation.

Hubby has rearranged everything to his liking - rather than what needs to happen to set us up for the next 2-3 weeks for peaceful weeks.    Straightening up the garage being a top priority and this is never a solo job.  And errands he needs me to go with him on. Never mind that there us so much else to do with actual deadlines.

I'm fried!  Had this been me I would have figured a way to work with oldest to see that the academic and other commitments were completed, while puttering around the house taking care of things on my own, ready to assist if asked or needed with the academic stuff

At least cleaning won't cost me any $$. The headache will though....but I have a free coffee at dunkin donuts so I just have to buy the chocolate donut to go with it (stress buster food)


  1. Can't you explain to him what you wrote here? Homework would trump cleaning the garage, he could do it himself in our home. At least help half the day, your own plans the rest. Cheryl

  2. Yep that would definitely bring on a stress headache from hell! I'm with Cheryl in that you find a way to calmly explain to him the other priorities that should come way before the garage cleaning. Why would he want to do that today anyway with all the rain and wind? Hope you can get your weekend back on track!!!

  3. I'd communicate what you feel are the priorities, as you explained and tell DH to clean the garage another time and do the errands solo, or help with what was your itinerary. My 2 cents, unsolicited.