Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Why do I try to help?

The kids band has a great opportunity to play in NYC.  It's not a cheap trip, since they are staying overnight.  So they are fundraising.  Doing the same successful one as last year - put the word out that if parents had another idea or want to head up more than this one to raise their hands....no one & that's fine - not everyone has time or desire.

I spent the last 2 days getting my ass chewed out because - a parent didn't read the paperwork and was unhappy.

Hello?!  not my fault they didn't read it. It was sent home with the kid and emailed to all parents.  So I'm the bad guy?  I didn't make the rules, school business office did. I'm just trying to help out so lots if kids can go.

Never yell at a volunteer - we won't always stick around to help your kids out when you won't/can't/don't do it yourself.   Especially if you aren't willing to help unless yours is a beneficiary.


  1. "sorry if you didn't read either e e-mail or flyer. Please feel free to call back at another time when you can be civil. If you have a concern with how this is run, contact the school business office"
    I have zero tolerance for that crap-former Brownie/Girl scout, cub and boy scout leader, CCd teacher.

    1. Right?! Luckily when I was taken to task it was via email and they hit the reply all function - so they showed their true colors to more than just me :-). It always comes around....lol

    2. UGH! Not a great way to respond. I was lugging all the stuff to the soccer game this morning in the cold. I could see that there were parents sitting on the sidelines while my husband had to push the goals by himself into place on the field since we were the first game of the day. No one helped him! Umm, seriously! When did people get so nasty that they can't help out or be nice to people helping out their kids. Do they think that we do this to be mean? I am the after school enrichment coordinator at my son's school and a parent complained about not getting enough reminders when the classes were starting and his kid missed the first class so the PTA president replied that they were sorry that they didn't get the emails that were sent out (or know how to use a calendar to note things on) and that it seemed that parent is a professor in technology at the local college so maybe they could help us change our process :) He never heard back again :) Good luck with nasty parents. I am new to your blog and just started following!