Monday, November 30, 2015

The next 10 days!

Holy crap!  Hubby and I looked over the calendars for the next 10 days.  Wicked busy! Band Rehearsals for both kids, musical for youngest, sports for oldest, 3 performances this weekend for the youngest, sports and leadership class for oldest.  Next week has the same band and sports schedule but add in the winter concert & reception after and another performance at school.  Then I have a fundraiser I helped organize on the weekend -while hubs and youngest go hiking & camping and oldest has sports again.

Really looking forward to mid year exams! And the break after

Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday Adventures

wasnt going to go out....but the kids are wearing out the over 20 year old blender it's whining badly - mission accomplished. Also a successful run to kohls for useful gift items - where I was able to use not only the 15% off BF coupon but also the $10 off coupon even though it was well after 1 pm and I earned $60 in kohls cash (already know what I'm buying & for whom with that).  

Tomorrow is small business Saturday - my favorite shopping day - but I'm waiting for church fairs next weekend to hopefully wrap up my shopping.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Freaking Turnips & meal prep

We have turnips every year.  They are diced and cooked with carrots and mashed roughly with a bit of butter.  Every year my mother makes them and another vegetable of her choice - not this year.  She has a dr appointment the day before thanksgiving so she doesn't have the time.  She doesn't like entertaining so I kinda learned how on my own.

Luckily for me the turnips I require were on sale at big y this week.  I just have to peel and cube them - this could be easier said than done.

My plan is to  do heavy cleaning tomorrow after getting my fingerprints done to start subbing.

Wednesday will be cooking day.  The turnips and carrots need to be peeled. Chopped & cooked.  Sweet potatoes to be baked and whipped, rolls to be baked, cranberry sauce to be cooked & chilled, onions to be creamed and refrigerated.  Turkey to be brined.

Thankfully my Inlaws will bring stuffing and dessert and my sister will do appetizers..

I'm thinking Wednesday night is going to be grilled cheese and soup or pizza night.

I guess I better get to sleep - I'm going to need it!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Turkey Savings

Woo hoo - I have my turkeys for Thursday!
In the past I usually did my grocery shopping at whichever close store had the best turkey deal for loyalty card.  This year I haven't done too much regular grocery shopping - we've been eating from the freezer and pantry - I was running out mostly for fresh veggies and dairy.  So, that means I didn't spend the required $400 at shoprite for the free turkey.  Shoprite was the only one with a free offer, the others were selling turkey's for $.99/ pound if your bought $25 of $50 of other groceries.

Except for Big Y - a couple weeks ago hubby and I were errands together and they handed me a coupon for $7 off a turkey.  I hung on to it, until today when I went for my veggies & stuff for Thursdays dinner.  I bought 2 smaller turkeys, expecting to use the coupon towards one, the cashier used the coupon twice!  So I got $7 off each one - so excited!

Sometimes it pays to wait. Instead of paying full price of $1.39/# I paid about $.87/#!  Yay!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Day of Wonder

What a wild and wacky week here! I've totally burnt the candle at both ends to a little stub.

Bet you thought it was something profound huh?  Nope just me having a day of wonder...well morning of wonder.

It's a frosty Saturday morning and I'm wondering how I'm going to get everything accomplished I want to by the end of the day - when I have a nasty head cold thing happening & want to stay in bed and drink tea all day

It's a day of wonder because I wonder how to help the youngest with a friend situation with a particularly 'high stress - snaps at everyone center of attention - hero of all complex- mom" which causes her child to behave in a Snarkey middle school way and alienate friends by picking on them then crying victim.  I wonder how I can teach my youngest to be resilient and not get sucked into the early teen drama causing poo-flinging fest it has become.  I want  my youngest to be strong and secure in doing the right thing so others don't get hurt.

It's a day of wonder because I have NO idea about Christmas shopping this year - all the bargains ads are coming and are flooding my email box - it is info overload!  I should have been more prepared this year - that was my plan....after last year.

It's a day of wonder since I got the oldest's school winter sports schedule and every weekend there is a competition we have a conflict.  I'm wondering how to make that all work out, transportation-wise and parental support-wise, we could be calling on grand parents to be our substitutes. Also wondering if the coach will bench him for missing Thursday night practice because he has the winter concert for his school concert band class (graded concert). Last year all band kids were benched the weekend following the concert - even though he denied it - no band kids competed that day - the faculty advisor for the team didn't see a problem, skipping is skipping - not a big performing arts supporter I guess.

It's a day of wonder because there wasn't enough 'quiet time' in the week and I get this way when things get wacky & busy.  Don't we all?

Sunday, November 15, 2015


So much of it in the world today.  We are not even turning on the TV this weekend.  Just focusing on the kids, their schoolwork and home stuff.  I will read the NYTimes online later.

On the home front, I'm in donation mode, kids have food drives at school and a winter coat drive too.
Looking at my gift closet shelf to see what's in there to be donated for the church toy drive.  I have to admit some years when my kids were little they would get 2 identical trucks or games and 1 would end up on the shelf....I haven't been good about shopping the shelf - but a new Tonka truck will make a kid with none smile I hope.

I also need to shop the freezer for meals this week - both to save $ and make room for the band pies the kids sold.  

My list of seasonal sales items grows and I realized, I haven't made a single batch of granola this fall. I will be adding some ingredients for that adventure to my list too.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

PriceRite Trip

Out on my errands today I stopped at PriceRite on the way home.
Spent $39.xx - not bad but I didn't really get a ton of stuff
Price rite brand 'shake & bake'
Peanutbutter crackers for the oldest's lunch
6 romaine hearts
6 bananas
Pillsbury quick bread mix (using for muffins)
2 links of Turkey kielbasa
2 bricks of cream cheese
2 shoprite brand jumbo biscuit tubes
Body powder
Jello pudding
Chocolate chips

And 10 boxes of brownie mix (Betty brand) for a school event - these have their own tab since I get reimbursed for them

I did a little price list making as I was there - for baking supplies :  it's stock up season!

I will be comparing this list to Aldi and sales at the regular store I shop at.

To Flanellize or not...that is the question!

Having the toughest time making the decision I pull out the flannel sheets yet or do I want a few more weeks.

Last night I was chilled and really wanted them - since I'm keeping the heat off (60 degrees) as long as possible.  

With the temps in the high 50s I guess I can tough it out a little longer

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Weekend Update

November has been a busy month at my home & quiet month so far on my blog - I think the 2 are related!

This past weekend we went away as a family - we haven't all gone away and just hung out in a while - it was nice!  Nothing extravagant or exotic, just north to maine. We stayed cheap, ate well and relaxed.

We did a little Christmas shopping and I have the items squirreled away from the kids so they should be a surprise.    Of course I was able to score the obligatory Christmas Jammie's for them both - thankfully they were on sale -  tried finding slippers at the bean outlet - no luck in their sizes, I will look elsewhere because their feet are still growing - I don't want to spend a bundle of cash on them.  I would spend 30-40 for mine or hubby's because we won't outgrow them before winter is through.

This week plans to be a busy one - kids have a field trip tomorrow (I'm a chaperone for it), each day one or both hubby and I have meetings in the evenings, Wednesday off from school - big research project due for the youngest child on Friday, and a fundraiser on the weekend.  I will have to spend the last bits of the weekend prepping for all that will come at me.  Friday alone I have a meeting with the social worker in town about a project the youngest is involved followed by running to East Hartford for another meeting then picking the kids up at school by 2pm.  Basically - I have to menu plan or it will be a cereal week.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Interesting Home Depot Trip

Hubby asked me to stop at the HD near school after drop off this morning. I went in and looked for the item - didn't find it fast. 

As I was looking though they are already stocking the annoying pallets in the aisles with the thanksgiving sales items for Christmas gifts. Based on the number of mini fridges and microwaves - if anyone is looking for one as a college kid gift - there might be some good deals coming up on those items. 

Other than that - nothing I needed in clearance - which is a good thing. More $$ stayed in my pocket 😛

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Holiday preparations

Let the mahem begin!

This is the time of the year I enjoy and dread at the same time.  We host thanksgiving, hubby's extended family Christmas and Christmas Day.  That means lots of entertaining!

Add to this I'm heavily involved with the church Christmas fair and Christmas concert at the kids school (with a reception afterwards)

This means I have to stay in budget and on schedule.  I'm upping my vitamin C & B complex now - just in case, there simply isn't time to get sick or even sniffly.

This week I will review my holiday paper goods needs (paper desert/apps plates, napkins and cocktail napkins). Sounds un-green of me but - the extended family event is 40 people.  And would I like to use matching reusable appetizer & dessert plates.....where in the hell would I store them?!  I will be checking Christmas Tree shop this week.  

Thanksgiving is a more manageable number of 10 for dinner and 14 for dessert (I will breakout the wedding china and some antiquey dessert plates I collected before getting married).   Christmas Day I will use the phaltgraf Christmas dishes we were given ages ago - they only get used for a month a year, but the kids got such a kick out of them when they were little - it's a heavy tradition but pretty easy to maintain.

I've also decided that this year I will take the time to sort all of my table cloths and get rid of those that don't truly fit the dining table or the serving tables I set up.  I'm thinking of just ordering exactly the sizes I need all in a lovely crimson and ordering or making runners - all to match.  Would eliminate a ton of headaches for me.  We have lots of table cloths, different weaves and shades of red & greens in different plaid combos.  All the patterns together make me a little nutty and I crave calm this year!

I appreciate the gifts of decorations but there are just too many, many, many patterns it causes me to feel jumbled and frazzled and unorganized.  Hubby can't bear to part with anything from his parents and his mom loves to give holiday chotchkis. Of course that all have to be displayed - it takes me a full weekend to decorate for Christmas and that's not counting the tree!

So I will be spending some time this week starting my list & tackling the table linens at least (might be a good time to do a weed out of the sideboard)

Rabbit, Rabbit!

Happy November 1st! So glad October is done!  What a drag of a month, I was in a funk for a big chunk of it and up to my ears in busy.

We survived Halloween - eldest had a friend over & youngest went with a friend for some trick or treats.

October turned into the month I totally lost track of my grocery spending.  I don't even remember how it happened and now that it's November - I don't care, I just need to get back on the low cost wagon.

My goal this month is to try and eat as many meals at home & plan better.  I know there will be nights out and pizza ordered but I'm going to do my best to seriously limit.