Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Day of Wonder

What a wild and wacky week here! I've totally burnt the candle at both ends to a little stub.

Bet you thought it was something profound huh?  Nope just me having a day of wonder...well morning of wonder.

It's a frosty Saturday morning and I'm wondering how I'm going to get everything accomplished I want to by the end of the day - when I have a nasty head cold thing happening & want to stay in bed and drink tea all day

It's a day of wonder because I wonder how to help the youngest with a friend situation with a particularly 'high stress - snaps at everyone center of attention - hero of all complex- mom" which causes her child to behave in a Snarkey middle school way and alienate friends by picking on them then crying victim.  I wonder how I can teach my youngest to be resilient and not get sucked into the early teen drama causing poo-flinging fest it has become.  I want  my youngest to be strong and secure in doing the right thing so others don't get hurt.

It's a day of wonder because I have NO idea about Christmas shopping this year - all the bargains ads are coming and are flooding my email box - it is info overload!  I should have been more prepared this year - that was my plan....after last year.

It's a day of wonder since I got the oldest's school winter sports schedule and every weekend there is a competition we have a conflict.  I'm wondering how to make that all work out, transportation-wise and parental support-wise, we could be calling on grand parents to be our substitutes. Also wondering if the coach will bench him for missing Thursday night practice because he has the winter concert for his school concert band class (graded concert). Last year all band kids were benched the weekend following the concert - even though he denied it - no band kids competed that day - the faculty advisor for the team didn't see a problem, skipping is skipping - not a big performing arts supporter I guess.

It's a day of wonder because there wasn't enough 'quiet time' in the week and I get this way when things get wacky & busy.  Don't we all?


  1. Excuse my language but that is shitty to expect a kid to miss one activity for another then bench them. All the parents should raise hell, teachers at times think they are more important than anything else. About drama in school with friends, just try to live through it. Some kids are a pain, always their way. I hated when my kids were in high school, to much drama. Both are out now, my youngest in his first year of college says no drama, everyone does their own thing, thank you God. Cheryl

  2. I never penalize students for missing lessons/rehearsals. However I do make enemies with parents at recital time because I cannot switch recitals for them last minute due to sport events. I also agree with Cheryl, cannot change it, just guide best you can

  3. First off, I have to say kudos to the title of the post! So adorable! Now to the nitty gritty....
    Ahh... those snarky drama filled years of middle and high school! It's a minefield to navigate and so hard on us parents too I think. I know (for me) it tends to bring up old scars I made when I was that age as well as the pain I feel for my kids. G1 has had an awful time in our town since late elementary school. BUT, we tried guiding her in the same way you want to guide your children (do the right thing, stand up for yourself but don't hurt others, be true to who you are, etc), and I have to tell you at almost 17 years old she is so completely comfortable with ""who she is" that a LOT of the BS now rolls off her back. Hang in there. Keep taking the less traveled path (aka doing the right thing) and it will turn out fine in the long run. Unfortunately it takes time (and quite a bit of hair pulling! LOL) to get there. From what I have read from your blog, you are a GREAT mom! Keep it up and just breathe!

    Christmas....well, can't help you much there but to say that I am in the same boat too! December 26th, 2014 I was NOT going to let this happen again. I was going to be organized, be done with shopping by this time, and saved money every month of 2015 specifically for Christmas. NONE of that happened! I will do what I always do and run around crazy trying to pull it off. We did it last year so we can do it again, right?

    Being benched for missing a practice to attend a GRADED school concert is obnoxious! I'm sure the coach can verify this information and, like you mentioned, it isn't just YOUR child that is missing. You said the advisor doesn't seem to care but what about someone higher up in the administration? I would check with other band parents that are on this coach's team and decide if it's a route you want to attempt.

    Hope you are able to get some rest and next week is a little less crazy for you...

  4. Coach claimed he didn't know performance was a requirement of the performance music classes - insert eye roll.

    Now know better since that teacher sent a list of affected students to AD for this year for all sports.