Sunday, November 15, 2015


So much of it in the world today.  We are not even turning on the TV this weekend.  Just focusing on the kids, their schoolwork and home stuff.  I will read the NYTimes online later.

On the home front, I'm in donation mode, kids have food drives at school and a winter coat drive too.
Looking at my gift closet shelf to see what's in there to be donated for the church toy drive.  I have to admit some years when my kids were little they would get 2 identical trucks or games and 1 would end up on the shelf....I haven't been good about shopping the shelf - but a new Tonka truck will make a kid with none smile I hope.

I also need to shop the freezer for meals this week - both to save $ and make room for the band pies the kids sold.  

My list of seasonal sales items grows and I realized, I haven't made a single batch of granola this fall. I will be adding some ingredients for that adventure to my list too.

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