Sunday, November 1, 2015

Holiday preparations

Let the mahem begin!

This is the time of the year I enjoy and dread at the same time.  We host thanksgiving, hubby's extended family Christmas and Christmas Day.  That means lots of entertaining!

Add to this I'm heavily involved with the church Christmas fair and Christmas concert at the kids school (with a reception afterwards)

This means I have to stay in budget and on schedule.  I'm upping my vitamin C & B complex now - just in case, there simply isn't time to get sick or even sniffly.

This week I will review my holiday paper goods needs (paper desert/apps plates, napkins and cocktail napkins). Sounds un-green of me but - the extended family event is 40 people.  And would I like to use matching reusable appetizer & dessert plates.....where in the hell would I store them?!  I will be checking Christmas Tree shop this week.  

Thanksgiving is a more manageable number of 10 for dinner and 14 for dessert (I will breakout the wedding china and some antiquey dessert plates I collected before getting married).   Christmas Day I will use the phaltgraf Christmas dishes we were given ages ago - they only get used for a month a year, but the kids got such a kick out of them when they were little - it's a heavy tradition but pretty easy to maintain.

I've also decided that this year I will take the time to sort all of my table cloths and get rid of those that don't truly fit the dining table or the serving tables I set up.  I'm thinking of just ordering exactly the sizes I need all in a lovely crimson and ordering or making runners - all to match.  Would eliminate a ton of headaches for me.  We have lots of table cloths, different weaves and shades of red & greens in different plaid combos.  All the patterns together make me a little nutty and I crave calm this year!

I appreciate the gifts of decorations but there are just too many, many, many patterns it causes me to feel jumbled and frazzled and unorganized.  Hubby can't bear to part with anything from his parents and his mom loves to give holiday chotchkis. Of course that all have to be displayed - it takes me a full weekend to decorate for Christmas and that's not counting the tree!

So I will be spending some time this week starting my list & tackling the table linens at least (might be a good time to do a weed out of the sideboard)

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  1. I have Spode Christmas dishes that we have picked up at estate/tag sales and some antiques shoppes. We love seeing what little we paid versus retail.