Sunday, November 22, 2015

Turkey Savings

Woo hoo - I have my turkeys for Thursday!
In the past I usually did my grocery shopping at whichever close store had the best turkey deal for loyalty card.  This year I haven't done too much regular grocery shopping - we've been eating from the freezer and pantry - I was running out mostly for fresh veggies and dairy.  So, that means I didn't spend the required $400 at shoprite for the free turkey.  Shoprite was the only one with a free offer, the others were selling turkey's for $.99/ pound if your bought $25 of $50 of other groceries.

Except for Big Y - a couple weeks ago hubby and I were errands together and they handed me a coupon for $7 off a turkey.  I hung on to it, until today when I went for my veggies & stuff for Thursdays dinner.  I bought 2 smaller turkeys, expecting to use the coupon towards one, the cashier used the coupon twice!  So I got $7 off each one - so excited!

Sometimes it pays to wait. Instead of paying full price of $1.39/# I paid about $.87/#!  Yay!!!


  1. Nice that the coupon was applied twice. I bought 2 large, fzn turkeys @ S & S @ 59/lb, after spending $25

  2. I got the same coupon from Big Y and did the same thing! I had gotten free turnkeys from ShopRite in past years but I don't seem to get there much anymore since the closest store is about twenty five-ish minutes away and I'm too lazy! LOL