Sunday, November 8, 2015

Weekend Update

November has been a busy month at my home & quiet month so far on my blog - I think the 2 are related!

This past weekend we went away as a family - we haven't all gone away and just hung out in a while - it was nice!  Nothing extravagant or exotic, just north to maine. We stayed cheap, ate well and relaxed.

We did a little Christmas shopping and I have the items squirreled away from the kids so they should be a surprise.    Of course I was able to score the obligatory Christmas Jammie's for them both - thankfully they were on sale -  tried finding slippers at the bean outlet - no luck in their sizes, I will look elsewhere because their feet are still growing - I don't want to spend a bundle of cash on them.  I would spend 30-40 for mine or hubby's because we won't outgrow them before winter is through.

This week plans to be a busy one - kids have a field trip tomorrow (I'm a chaperone for it), each day one or both hubby and I have meetings in the evenings, Wednesday off from school - big research project due for the youngest child on Friday, and a fundraiser on the weekend.  I will have to spend the last bits of the weekend prepping for all that will come at me.  Friday alone I have a meeting with the social worker in town about a project the youngest is involved followed by running to East Hartford for another meeting then picking the kids up at school by 2pm.  Basically - I have to menu plan or it will be a cereal week.

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  1. Glad to hear you had a nice little vacation with the family! It always helps to recharge the batteries, doesn't it?
    Wow it does sound like you have a busy busy week coming up! Hope it all goes smoothly! =)