Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year Planning

My brain is running wild - thinking of all the things I hope to accomplish in the new year.
I know I will be busy with the kids and their activities and trying to stay on top of stuff at home.
I'm looking forwards to getting back into a groove of things - off of holiday break mode.
Starting with the un-decorating of the tree - Jan 1 (usually I wait until the 6th, but this thing is dropping needles like crazy!)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Thinking ahead to 2016

Coming up with my goals for 2016

I'm trying to be realistic in them, something's I want to work on are family, self and house.
Household ones include to tackle some improvement projects that we need to address such as
Closet systems to be installed in kids closets, repainting inside, general deck uttering
Personal ones include exercising more, doing something crafty every month, either in a class or carving out the time myself, getting ready to sub at school-app & legal forms, and planning my garden boxes for the yard.
Family goals will focus on cooking & eating healthier for all of us, decluttering, and a new savings strategy for next years Christmas shopping - more on that later.

I have resolved to NOT buy any more new clothes (other than shoes) until I have hit a certain size/weight goal. I won't be naked. Maybe not as stylish as I would like but clothed.  I've been really good with only buying certain good pieces and keeping them in good shape - band if I have to replace something it will be on sale with a coupon from kohls or at Savers or the consignment shop near hubby's office. Or at goodwill (which I've started to not like since they are pricey and it's getting grungy there)

How about you?  Do you set resolutions or goals for the new year? Or a little of both?

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Recovering day

Recovery Day.
Putting away presents and reconfiguring areas of the home.  The kids want to rearrange their furniture. I'm thinking of holding a FB tag sale - I'm in the mood to part with shit big time -

I did go for coffee and to a Scrapbooking store that is moving sale with a girlfriend this morning.  We have both been so busy with caring for our families, volunteering and caring for relatives & parents we haven't had much catching up time - it was good to get out and I even bought some stuff with my Christmas gift money.  My New Years resolution is to make crafting time for myself each month.  I have tons of supplies and tools and I find it relaxing.

I'm even thinking of starting to take a sewing class - since my sister bought me a fancy pants sewing machine for Christmas - I have a very basic portable one but such limited skills with it I think it's time.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

T'was the night before Christmas Eve.....

In true fashion of our last few's not the holidays for us without an appliance failure.

5 years ago it was the washing machine - this resulted in a rearranging & reprinting of the dingy dungeon like basement laundry room. Then a new washer and dryer and all the plumbing bills that go with the installation of them. Also included were several weeks of laundrymat trips - very costly but amazing how one can get 6 loads of laundry done in 2 hours.

Last year it was the fridge for my birthday. Another completely inconvient time

Today it was the washing machine. It luckily i had just moved one load of whites into the dryer and threw in another load of towels. That's when it all went to crap. Just as I started the machine the power went out.   It came back on a few minutes later so I restarted the washer and hubby and I went about our business - when we got back home I went to move those towels to the dryer - well the door was still locked and there were error codes flashing.    We looked them up - toast!
Finally we were able to get he door to open - not sure where it was in the wash cycle - I'm now at the 24 hr laundrymat re-washing those towels and the other 2 loads of colors - will dry and hang at home

Such a drag heading into the holidays.   Will be calling the appliance store tomorrow to see about getting them to come out Monday - hopefully it's fixable - And this is silly but it's the first time I've ever had a matching set - I don't want an un matching set :-(.

Plus I don't remember if appliances are on super sale in January.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Paper, tape & scissors

I am officially done shopping!  I was going to go get jeans for hubby - but remembered I just bought 2 pros of dress pants for him and hid them away.  The kids got mostly clothes - they are getting a really $$vacation hiking over the summer so if they don't wear it its gear for this trip - they're totally aware that Christmas is smaller because the trip is coming up.

Now, it's time to.....wrap!
Pass the paper, scissors and tape!  So tomorrow after my dr appt - you will find me hidden away wrapping like a fiend!

Many  years ago when I was single - I had a brilliant idea to sew gift bags for family gifts - they went over really well - my siblings would open the gift and return the bag to me, I would press it and use it again.  Once I got married, those fell out of favor - hubby didn't grow up like that and likes paper and ribbons.  Young kiddos in the family shouldn't be near safety pins that can be used in the place of tape.

I'm really thinking of maybe making them again for my in laws to use & return

Finally done!

wowsa!  I'm actually done Christmas shopping :-). Well except for a pair of jeans for hubby(Wallys tonight)

This year I tried to scale back in all aspects - buying useful needed items and spending s little more for quality vs quantity.  I guess I'll know Friday if it was a success.

I still need to clean bathrooms and do all the wrapping - but the paper is from super duper clearance post holiday sales last year - yay!

I may even do a little post holiday shopping for Christmas themed goodies on Saturday/Sunday. To stock for next year.  Then again - I may sleep in and drink coffee both days!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dreading this Holiday school break

actually I'm not dreading the break - I'm dreading the end when the kids go back to school.  Youngest had a teacher resign this week.  Just found out who the sub is - a classmates mother.  I have so many reservations about this I'm sick about it.

Youngest has one of the many invisible disabilties that plagues students now.  Add to it he is extremely anxious about it being discovered by the others in the grade.  The teacher who resigned knew about it and was fantastic and exceptionally patient with him.  This is the same parent who questioned the fact he doesn't participate in a lot of sports (due to it). This mom also lacks a filter - whatever is on her mind just blurts out, she has discussed confidential items about other classmates at lunch to us moms (and not very nicely) and she yells!  Yelling is one of the worst classroom management skills out there.

So, needless to say I haven't told youngest - font need to wreck his vacation about it.  I have to discuss with husband about how we proceed now - do I have him pulled from the class, do I have his record sealed in guidance - I don't want her knowing his conditions since she feels "all the alphabet soup diagnosises are excuses for bad parenting and lazy learning habits", or do I go to the principle and register my concerns.

Same parent subbed for odest's class and the students said she spent both periods chewing them out for talking and behaving worse than the elementary classes she had worked in...

I'm sick about this....

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas news

since the concerts are done - this week I've been focusing on my Christmas shopping.  Hubby had me hold off on some because we bought a 'tide us over' car.  It's a good used car, well small suv. He knows the mechanic we bought it from - who assured us it's a sound one - so oldest child will start driving it once the license is obtained this spring.  Hubby is listing his pickup truck to sell.  He desperately needs a new one and this one is not as good on gas and is actually now more than what we need.

So I've been out and about Christmas shopping.
I'm actually nearly done.  Every year the in laws and their college age kids provide me with a list and I try pull things off it in budget. I was shocked at some of the prices of things the kids requested.

My kids don't give lists anymore. Which is fine with me.  They should be thankful for whatever they receive.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Survived - so far

Back in the land of the living - concert were a huge success!  As I knew they would be.

The kids even gave me flowers!  Total shocker, since I'm not a teacher - just a parent that helps with the stuff I know how to do.  I never voulnteered to get flowers - but they look very pretty on the table :-). I really enjoy working/helping in the performance arts area of school.  The kids are fun, honest & don't have the skills that the adults do yet - but they are totally willing to learn if we take the time to teach them.  This set of shows 2 boys learned how to sew a button back onto their tux jacket - yay!  (We don't have home ec class), later I'm teaching some of the girls to repair a hem without a stapler or tape!

 I think it frosted one of youngest's classmates mom - but I honestly now know where her kids get their need to prove to all adults they are right (regardless of how rude they are in the process) even when they are wrong.  

I'm going to just plug along and to what I can for the students and I have to accept there are so many kinds of people out there our kids come in contact with some good and some not so nice.  I'm striving to be nice.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Halfway there!

today is the halfway point of December crazy for us.
The musical is done, now it's a concert tomorrow and another on Thursday nigh then I can breathe.

Thanks for being patient as I've gone missing....