Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas news

since the concerts are done - this week I've been focusing on my Christmas shopping.  Hubby had me hold off on some because we bought a 'tide us over' car.  It's a good used car, well small suv. He knows the mechanic we bought it from - who assured us it's a sound one - so oldest child will start driving it once the license is obtained this spring.  Hubby is listing his pickup truck to sell.  He desperately needs a new one and this one is not as good on gas and is actually now more than what we need.

So I've been out and about Christmas shopping.
I'm actually nearly done.  Every year the in laws and their college age kids provide me with a list and I try pull things off it in budget. I was shocked at some of the prices of things the kids requested.

My kids don't give lists anymore. Which is fine with me.  They should be thankful for whatever they receive.

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  1. brace yourself for the cost of adding a teen boy, even as a part time driver, with good grades, to your insurance.