Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dreading this Holiday school break

actually I'm not dreading the break - I'm dreading the end when the kids go back to school.  Youngest had a teacher resign this week.  Just found out who the sub is - a classmates mother.  I have so many reservations about this I'm sick about it.

Youngest has one of the many invisible disabilties that plagues students now.  Add to it he is extremely anxious about it being discovered by the others in the grade.  The teacher who resigned knew about it and was fantastic and exceptionally patient with him.  This is the same parent who questioned the fact he doesn't participate in a lot of sports (due to it). This mom also lacks a filter - whatever is on her mind just blurts out, she has discussed confidential items about other classmates at lunch to us moms (and not very nicely) and she yells!  Yelling is one of the worst classroom management skills out there.

So, needless to say I haven't told youngest - font need to wreck his vacation about it.  I have to discuss with husband about how we proceed now - do I have him pulled from the class, do I have his record sealed in guidance - I don't want her knowing his conditions since she feels "all the alphabet soup diagnosises are excuses for bad parenting and lazy learning habits", or do I go to the principle and register my concerns.

Same parent subbed for odest's class and the students said she spent both periods chewing them out for talking and behaving worse than the elementary classes she had worked in...

I'm sick about this....


  1. Talk with the principal, then higher up if you need too. This woman should not be able to teach and talk about the kids unless it is another teacher who needs to know what the problem is. Adults are sometimes the worse, I definitely wouldn't want a teacher blabbing about my chld to all, especially other parents. Cheryl

  2. This is a private school? In a public school, there are laws that would eliminate your concerns. Talk immediately w/ the Principal, have him moved to another class. Share the break in confidentiality-that's a biggie! that woman has no place in a school, if she discusses students. So sorry you have to go thru this.

  3. First of all, I am so sorry you are going through all this! My oldest has "invisible disabilities" too, has a 504, and STILL we need to go in to remind teachers from time to time. Thankfully her guidance counselor has been great and helped us avoid some conflicts. Anyway...
    I agree that this woman lacks the professionalism, kindness, and filter to be an effective substitute teacher! I would ask if this was a short term situation but having a teacher quit in the middle of the year seems unusual so I wonder if they will have a difficult time finding a replacement one third of the school year through.
    Only you know your son well enough to know if moving him to a different classroom would cause more anxiety or not. However, I think it's worth a discussion with the principal about the possibility of changing the class or sealing the documents. At the very least, it will alert administration to keep an eye on the woman since I bet you aren't the only parent with concerns about her substituting.
    Good luck and I'm sorry you are dealing with this.

  4. Thanks! So glad to see I'm not the only one or it was the wee hours of my post that had my head spinning. one of his other teachers and I are good friends and their reccomendation was to pull out of the class. It's a parochial school and we didn't do the whole 504/iep process here since the public school couldn't/wouldn't help with it all since the Dx was done with the drs and no collaboration with them - they would have required the supports built in to the daily routine be tabled for 2-3 weeks for their observstionn could be made and reported in

  5. Here's a link to 504 precedural safeguards (scroll thru a bit). Since this is a private school, I am unclear as to if it still applies to them:

  6. Go to the principal and tell all instances of her sharing. Reassure him that she will other plaints if she is put in the classroom. Tell the principal that you need your child moved if he does go ahead and place her in the classroom for even one day. She can do damage that cannot be undone.

    1. "that she will have other complaints from other parents."