Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Paper, tape & scissors

I am officially done shopping!  I was going to go get jeans for hubby - but remembered I just bought 2 pros of dress pants for him and hid them away.  The kids got mostly clothes - they are getting a really $$vacation hiking over the summer so if they don't wear it its gear for this trip - they're totally aware that Christmas is smaller because the trip is coming up.

Now, it's time to.....wrap!
Pass the paper, scissors and tape!  So tomorrow after my dr appt - you will find me hidden away wrapping like a fiend!

Many  years ago when I was single - I had a brilliant idea to sew gift bags for family gifts - they went over really well - my siblings would open the gift and return the bag to me, I would press it and use it again.  Once I got married, those fell out of favor - hubby didn't grow up like that and likes paper and ribbons.  Young kiddos in the family shouldn't be near safety pins that can be used in the place of tape.

I'm really thinking of maybe making them again for my in laws to use & return

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