Sunday, December 13, 2015

Survived - so far

Back in the land of the living - concert were a huge success!  As I knew they would be.

The kids even gave me flowers!  Total shocker, since I'm not a teacher - just a parent that helps with the stuff I know how to do.  I never voulnteered to get flowers - but they look very pretty on the table :-). I really enjoy working/helping in the performance arts area of school.  The kids are fun, honest & don't have the skills that the adults do yet - but they are totally willing to learn if we take the time to teach them.  This set of shows 2 boys learned how to sew a button back onto their tux jacket - yay!  (We don't have home ec class), later I'm teaching some of the girls to repair a hem without a stapler or tape!

 I think it frosted one of youngest's classmates mom - but I honestly now know where her kids get their need to prove to all adults they are right (regardless of how rude they are in the process) even when they are wrong.  

I'm going to just plug along and to what I can for the students and I have to accept there are so many kinds of people out there our kids come in contact with some good and some not so nice.  I'm striving to be nice.

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  1. Good for you! I think it's wonderful that the students bought you flowers for volunteering your time - I'm sure that it helps to know that you are appreciated! It's great that the concerts were a success - what a load off your plate and mind now! =)