Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Thinking ahead to 2016

Coming up with my goals for 2016

I'm trying to be realistic in them, something's I want to work on are family, self and house.
Household ones include to tackle some improvement projects that we need to address such as
Closet systems to be installed in kids closets, repainting inside, general deck uttering
Personal ones include exercising more, doing something crafty every month, either in a class or carving out the time myself, getting ready to sub at school-app & legal forms, and planning my garden boxes for the yard.
Family goals will focus on cooking & eating healthier for all of us, decluttering, and a new savings strategy for next years Christmas shopping - more on that later.

I have resolved to NOT buy any more new clothes (other than shoes) until I have hit a certain size/weight goal. I won't be naked. Maybe not as stylish as I would like but clothed.  I've been really good with only buying certain good pieces and keeping them in good shape - band if I have to replace something it will be on sale with a coupon from kohls or at Savers or the consignment shop near hubby's office. Or at goodwill (which I've started to not like since they are pricey and it's getting grungy there)

How about you?  Do you set resolutions or goals for the new year? Or a little of both?

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