Wednesday, December 23, 2015

T'was the night before Christmas Eve.....

In true fashion of our last few's not the holidays for us without an appliance failure.

5 years ago it was the washing machine - this resulted in a rearranging & reprinting of the dingy dungeon like basement laundry room. Then a new washer and dryer and all the plumbing bills that go with the installation of them. Also included were several weeks of laundrymat trips - very costly but amazing how one can get 6 loads of laundry done in 2 hours.

Last year it was the fridge for my birthday. Another completely inconvient time

Today it was the washing machine. It luckily i had just moved one load of whites into the dryer and threw in another load of towels. That's when it all went to crap. Just as I started the machine the power went out.   It came back on a few minutes later so I restarted the washer and hubby and I went about our business - when we got back home I went to move those towels to the dryer - well the door was still locked and there were error codes flashing.    We looked them up - toast!
Finally we were able to get he door to open - not sure where it was in the wash cycle - I'm now at the 24 hr laundrymat re-washing those towels and the other 2 loads of colors - will dry and hang at home

Such a drag heading into the holidays.   Will be calling the appliance store tomorrow to see about getting them to come out Monday - hopefully it's fixable - And this is silly but it's the first time I've ever had a matching set - I don't want an un matching set :-(.

Plus I don't remember if appliances are on super sale in January.


  1. Large appliances go on sale in Jan. typically so you timed this one right. lolz

    We had a washer die right at Halloween once. Can't think of any other appliance that took a dirt nap on a holiday. But it's NEVER a convenient time when they do..... 8-)

  2. If the dishwasher pulls any of this crap in the next 48 hours I'm going to shoot it - lol